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Elections are run twice a year.  When signups are active an email will be sent through troopnews.  Interested in helping out? Signup to help run the troop!

All positions, need to be filled:

  • Senior Patrol Leader (Any Previous ASPL can run),
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader,
  • Troop Guide
  • Quartermaster
  • Den Chief
  • Bugler
  • Chaplains Aid

Please signup and help us be the best Boy Lead, Boy Run Troop in the area. Sign up here.

We hold weekly meetings on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the St. Catherine’s gymnasium.

Troop Communication with Band

Download the Band App from your App Store, and the Band homepage can be found here for reference.  Band App

Troopnews email was discontinued in 2020.
Once connected to Band, you may unsubscribe to Troopnews here.

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