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Rifle / Shotgun Merit Badge

Our Troop has been giving a fabulous opportunity to earn the Rifle and/or Shotgun Merit Badge with The Sir Walter Gun Club in Creedmoor.   1:1 instruction.    They do this monthly with different Troops so they are very knowledgeable about Scouts.

If you are interested read carefully there is a lot of information.  

The maximum number of scouts they allow is 20 and it will be first come first serve. I will start taking sign ups Monday night 8/12 at 6:00pm in the order I receive the emails. If space is still available you can also sign up with me in person at the Troop meeting. This gives everyone time to look at their calendars and have conversations with parents.

You MUST attend both days of their training.

Classroom training: Saturday October 5th 8:00- noon

Range Time: Saturday October 26th 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Ammunition for both Rifle and Shotgun is free to the scouts thanks to the NRA Grant.

Rifle – free
Shotgun- ammo is free but the cost is around $8 to cover their cost of clay targets. This will be charged to their scout accounts.

You will need to drive your scout or arrange to carpool.

The following is from Sir Walter Gun Club:
“Scouts MAY NOT bring ANY firearms with them.”

“Scouts must shoot our rifles and shotguns. They are all youth model guns that will fit them. The shotguns are 20 ga. semi auto’s with reduced recoil and perfect for scout use.”

“Scouts are welcome to try for one or both merit badges. We have not had a scout fail to qualify for the rifle badge in years. One on one instruction works wonders and my instructors are very dedicated to seeing their student succeed. (We sometimes swap out instructors to achieve the right chemistry between instructor and student and the instructors initiate this when needed)
I hope every scouts that does not have the rifle merit badge will try for it.”

“The shotgun badge is a bit harder to achieve. Shotgun shooting is not for everyone but again I encourage them to try.”

“Three things are needed for the scout to receive the blue card: (Everyone who passes all three will leave Saturday afternoon
with a blue card(s).

  1. Attend the classroom activity.
  2. Complete the homework assignment that will be provided about a month before the classroom activity.
  3. Successfully shoot the requirement specified by each merit badge.

The homework assignment is the first section of the merit badge book and is designed to get the scout to open the book and read it.

If a parent has a question you cannot answer feel free to
share my contact info with them so they can ask me directly. “
Bob Davison
919-606-0119 (c)

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