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Category: Minutes

Troop Meeting 12/10

I was not at tonight’s meeting, but, from what I heard it sounds like at tonight’s meeting we had a great White Elephant gift exchange. There are no troop meetings for the rest of December. The next meeting will be on 1/7. There is a PLC that night. The Rabon’s will be bringing the pizza, but at next PLC we will be doing a sign-up for future pizza pick-ups for meetings at PLC.

Matthew R.

Troop Meeting 11/26/19

At Tonight’s meeting we had a skills instruction related to financial management. If you have a tent, please give it to one of our quartermasters instead of dropping it in the gym. On 12/3 (next meeting) we will be voting on summer camps. YOU MUST BE THERE TO VOTE. On 12/10 we will be having a white elephant gift exchange. Please bring a gift around 10 dollars. There are no meetings on 12/17, 12/24, and 12/31.
Happy Holidays,

Matthew Rabon

Troop Meeting 11/19/19

Next meeting, 11/26, there is a service opportunity. This opportunity is to empty the church missles. If you come, you will get one hour of service for your advancement. On December the third we will be voting for a summer camp. YOU MUST BE THERE TO VOTE. On December the tenth, we will be having a white elephant gift exchange. Please bring a gift approximately ten dollars. There are NO meetings on 12/17, 12/24, and 12/31.


Troop meeting 11/13/19

Today we had a well attended meeting. We still need tents from this last outing. Please bring them to the quartermasters if you have them next meeting. Today we did our second skills instruction which was on financial management. After that we had some free time to spare, so we played a giant game of dodgeball. You SHOULD be wearing full uniform, ESPECIALLY if you are in a troop leadership postion.

Matthew R.

Troop Meeting and PLC 10/25/19

At PLC we discussed the upcoming outings. At PLC we discussed the following. In February we will have a RailRoading outing. In March we will have a backpacking trip and in April a Busch gardens outing. It is also very important to be in full uniform ESPECIALLY if you have a troop position.

Troop Meeting- At the troop meeting we had a blast! This months theme is financial management. We still need tents from this months outing and the last months outings! Please give them to our quartermasters ASAP if you have them. We will have a Citizenship in the Nation merit badge at the church from 12:00-3:00 on December 7th. Contact Mrs.R if you want to be at this merit badge opportunity.

Troop Meeting 10/29/19

The Webleos came to tonight’s meeting and they will be with us this weekend at the November outing, Webleos overnighter. LDS and Rifle and Shotgun blue cards were handed out. We will be having a Citizenship in the Nation merit badge opportunity at the church on December 7th 12:00 to 3:00. Email Mrs.R about that if you want to have that merit badge. We worked on meal plans. HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Troop Meeting 10/22/19

The webleos came to tonight’s meeting and we will have them again the next meeting. We will be having the Webleos overnighter in two weekends from now. Sign ups are out for the outing. Please sign up if you want to go. Popcorn money was due tonight. We still need a few more tents. Please give them to the Quartermasters.

Troop Meeting 10/15/19

Announcements – we still need a Bugler, Outdoor Ethics guide and a New Den Chief. The wilderness survival outing happened last weekend and they did the following- boiled water in a plastic water bottle, raced to burn a string with fire and they built survival shelters. The upcoming is the Webelos Overnighter. The Webelos will be here for the next two meetings. we made Paul the Senior Patrol Leader tonight. Good Luck Paul! We still need tents from previous outings. If you have them please give them to our Quartermasters.

Troop Meetings 9-23

Hey Everyone sorry for not posting for these last couple weeks, caught up with school work.
So for the last few weeks we have been working on the camping merit badge with JP and Mr.Burr, selling camp cards (They go straight to your account!). some upcoming events are Citizenship in the world and the Orienteering merit badge. Again sorry for the late news!

PLC Notes, 4-2-19

Hey everyone we had a PLC today here are some important things that we talked about today.

*Troop guides are no longer allowed to sign of requirements. you can teach them but you can not sign the requirement. bring the scout to a scoutmaster to sign off.

*This months camp out is the cooking outing. remember to sign up if you are interested, it is a very difficult merit badge so it would be good to get it soon!

*We are thinking about doing a backpacking trip so if this would interest you talk about it with your scoutmasters and other scouts.

*We are also planning on doing a wilderness survival outing, but with a twist. it will be a shoe box outing and the summer picnic. we will do an outing but your stuff must all fit in a shoe box, and we will build our own shelters. then on Sunday parents and family will come for the summer picnic. This is still being planned but if you are interested please tell a scoutmaster.

*This years summer camp is Powhatan!

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